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What To Do With A Totaled Vehicle

Have you recently totaled a vehicle, and are unsure what the next step is?

Assuming you owned the vehicle, here are some options.

Accept Your Insurance Company’s Claim Payout

This is typically the easiest and quickest option when you have a totaled vehicle.


If you disagree with your insurance company’s decision on your vehicle’s payout, you can try appealing the settlement.

Keep Your Vehicle

Is your car safe to drive, with just some cosmetic damage? You can choose to keep the vehicle and continue to use it.

Get Your Vehicle Repaired At An Auto Body Shop

If your insurance company won’t negotiate on their initial assessment, you can choose to keep your vehicle and pay the difference of the repairs. Depending on the state you live in, your car insurance will issue you a check for the cash value of the car minus the deductible. You can then pick the auto body repair shop of your choice and go from there.

Make Repairs Yourself

Do you have experience making repairs on vehicles? It’s not required to take your vehicle into a professional, do it yourself!

Donate Your Vehicle

Look up a local donation service that will tow your car for free and the parts sold will go to a charity of your choice. You may qualify for a tax deduction if you plan to itemize your taxes for that year.

Sell Your Vehicle For Parts

There should be several scrap yards in your area that will pay you for some of your car parts.

Contact the skilled auto body repair technicians at Mathews Auto Body today!

With over 35 years of experience, our auto body repair team is dedicated to providing the absolute best customer service in the Kennewick, WA area. We specialize in auto collision repair, frame repair, and more!

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