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Spotting Issues After A Car Repair

It’s crucial to do your research when deciding on the right auto body repair shop. There are common mistakes that auto body repair technicians make when repairing vehicles. Here is a guide to spotting any issues after your car has been repaired.

Inspect Your Entire Car, Inside & Out

  • Examine your car’s body, especially the area that was repaired.

  • Ensure turn signals, windows, windshield wipers, lock switches are all working correctly.

  • Test your hoods and doors to make sure they open and close properly.

  • Take a look at gaps between the repaired panels and compare them with pre-existing panels. It should look uniform around each panel.

  • Check for inconsistent color matching. Make sure to take your car out in the sun and under fluorescent lighting if possible. This will help expose any color discrepancies.

  • Check your car’s interior. When picking up your car, it should be washed, cleaned, and vacuumed.

  • Check for Proper Alignment. Drive the car for a couple of weeks and keep an eye on your tires. Do you notice any unusual tire wear? Is your car pulling to one side of the road when you’re driving? You could have alignment issues, or your frame may be damaged.

  • Listen for any new, unusual noises coming from any area of your car.

  • Keep an eye on your warning lights. Take a quick look at your car’s dashboard for any new error codes. Engine, tire pressure, oil, airbag lights, etc. should not light up.

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