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Signs You Need Paint Services From An Auto Repair Body Shop

Your car may be showing signs that it needs a new paint job. Here’s what to look for.


If you notice any scratches on your vehicle, you may benefit from a fresh coat of paint. An auto body repair professional can look at the scratch and determine if the scratch can be buffed out or will require more extensive work.


Have you recently been in an auto accident? Check for scratches, chipping, bubbling, dings, or dents on your vehicle. If these aren’t taken care of, you can face rust issues.

Fading Paint

Do you see some paint fading your vehicle? This can be caused by years of direct and constant exposure to sunlight. If you don’t wash or wax your car often enough, all of the dirt, grime, and debris that sits on your car can damage your paint job. Time is also a factor when it comes to fading paint. If you still love the way your vehicle drives, but it’s not as shiny as it once was, consider repainting it!


Do you notice the top clear coat of your vehicle is peeling? If the topcoat is bubbled and discolored, your clear coat could be failing on you. This layer is crucial in protecting your car against weather and other environmental elements. Once the clear coat is gone, the base coat of your car will lift, and leave your vehicle vulnerable to damage. Have an auto body repair shop look at your vehicle for any potential issues.


Road salt used during the winter months can create rust on your vehicle. Wash your car every couple of weeks, and don’t forget the underside of your vehicle. Try to wash it once a week during the winter. Wax your vehicle every six months, especially before snowfall. Check your car regularly, focusing underneath wheels and bumpers, where body components meet, and the underside of your car. All of these areas are especially susceptible to rusting.

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