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Doing Your Research When Finding An Auto Body Repair Shop

Are you searching for an auto body repair shop? When you get in an accident, choosing where to get your vehicle repaired is important.

Car owners want to find a reputable, trustworthy auto body shop that can make the requested repairs quickly and efficiently, while charging a fair price. If you don’t already have an auto body shop that you’ve worked with in the past, how do you choose one? Auto body shop reviews online can help you make the right decision. Here are a few tips when doing your research to find the best one.

  • Check out a few different auto body shops in your city.

  • Look at their reviews.

  • Skip poorly written posts, and instead look for longer reviews that help you understand what kind of service the auto body repair shop offers and if they performed the services asked of them.

  • If you know what repairs you need, see if the auto body repair shop has a history of performing good work with such repairs.

  • Try to find websites that have verified customer testimonials. These websites only allow clients to post who have actually had repairs done by that shop. You won’t see fake reviews on these sites.

  • See if the auto body repair company is active and professionally responds to their customer’s posts.

  • Search for recent reviews to get an idea of how the business is currently running.

By looking at feedback and testimonials for auto body repair shops, it can help with who you decide to have work on your vehicle.

For a repair you can trust, contact the skilled auto body repair technicians at Mathews Auto Body today! With over 35 years of experience, our auto body repair team is dedicated to providing the absolute best customer service in the Kennewick, WA area. We specialize in auto collision repair, frame repair, and more!

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