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Tips To Preventing Car Scratches

Trying to keep your car in great condition is tough. If left unaddressed, a small scratch can grow from a tiny imperfection into a serious problem. Here are some strategies to help prevent car scratches.

Parking Your Car

Anytime you enter a parking lot, try to park further away from the building’s entrance. This means that you’ll park your vehicle in a quieter and less visited area, reducing the likelihood of multiple cars parking next to you and dinging your car.

Properly Washing Your Car

If you have the time, hand wash your car to help prevent scratches. Automatic car washes have giant brushes that aren’t always properly maintained. They slap against your car, inflicting hundreds of tiny scratches. These are called swirl marks and can cause serious damage. This will result in your paint becoming dull over time and those scratches will eventually become noticeable.

Taking Care Of Your Car

Don’t place any foreign objects on your vehicle or sit on it; doing either can lead to scratching. If you can, park your vehicle in a covered parking spot or garage to protect it from outside elements.

Scratches happen, even when you’re careful. Contact a professional auto body shop that can use their specialized skills and equipment to remove the scratch.

Do you have a scratch on your vehicle you’d like looked at?

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