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Protect Yourself When Having Your Car Fixed

Make sure you eliminate any miscommunications when taking your car into an auto body shop by taking the following steps.

Talk About Price

Discuss your price expectations as soon as possible. Doing a little research online, or calling and getting a few quotes from different auto body shops can ensure that whoever you end up working with isn’t overcharging.

Remember though, just because a quote from an auto body shop is lower, that doesn’t always mean the best or equal work.

You may discover that:

  • One shop offers a warranty, one doesn’t.

  • Quality difference in parts, paint, material, skill

  • Replacing a part rather than repairing it

  • Additional work required

Request Estimates In Writing

An experienced auto body shop should know that it’s necessary to write out an estimate for the customer that is itemized and detailed. If you have questions about anything on the estimate, ask away. A trustworthy auto body shop will be happy to explain it to you. Comparing estimates from at least one other shop can help you find discrepancies and ask about them.

An estimate, however, is exactly that: an “estimate”. Once the skilled technician dismantles your vehicle, more damage may be discovered. A reputable auto body shop will contact you and inform you of these discovered damages and discuss additional charges before they move forward.

Ask Questions

Take a day or two to look over your written estimate, comparing it to any others you may have received from other auto body shops. Ask your auto body shop about the quality of the parts and paint they plan to use for your vehicle. Do they offer a warranty for their work and parts? You can also ask how long they estimate the project to take.

Are you searching for an auto body repair shop for your vehicle?

Contact the skilled technicians at Mathews Auto Body today!

With over 35 years of experience, our team is dedicated to providing the absolute best customer service in the Kennewick, WA area. We specialize in auto collision repair, frame repair, and more!

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